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The Steam Oven Meal Plan for real people #2

Or, what to cook in your combi steam oven, March 13-19, 2023

Welcome to the second instalment of The Steam Oven Meal Plan for real people!

New to this blog series? Check out the first Steam Oven Meal Plan for notes about how I do my meal planning and cooking, or just dive on in and add this week’s ingredients to your shopping list!

Remember, I use my combi steam oven pretty much every day, but we aren’t exclusive. I cook using other appliances, and I seriously love a freezer meal for a busy night. So what you get here is pretty unfiltered and realistic (no prettily stacked meal boxes labelled with days of the week here!).

A steam oven meal plan full of healthy goodness

Today’s steam oven meal plan is all about foods which feel extra full of goodness. Most of us have been under the weather in my house and we need extra vitamins and nourishment right now! I hope it gets you inspired and you feel nourished and healthy after eating from this week’s plan.

Happy cooking, see you here again soon.


Slow roasted lamb shoulder in the steam oven is perfect Monday fare. I’ll leave this in the oven during the day, and serve it with flatbreads, salad, my Mom’s sauerkraut and creamy hummus pulled from the freezer. It’s an easy assembly where everyone gets to pick their own bits, and there’ll be leftovers of the meat for sandwiches or a pasta another time.

Slow Cooked Lamb
Slow cooked lamb is simple but tastes so luxurious. You can serve it in a multitude of different ways to keeps things interesting.
Check out this recipe
slow cooked lamb on platter
Creamy Hummus
I often make a larger batch of this hummus and pop it in the freezer. It goes perfectly with slow cooked lamb for an easy dinner.
Check out this recipe
a white bowl with swirled hummus, parsley and paprika on top


Steamed fish and vegetables feels like the ultimate virtuous dinner, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be tasty. This miso version is one of my favorites. It has depth and complexity for comparatively little effort.

Miso Fish Parcels with Ginger Dressing
Steamed fish and vegetables with a gingery, miso-spiked dressing for maximum flavor and minimum effort.
Check out this recipe
A speckled plate with steamed fish and vegetables on a grey linen teatowel


I’m hoping to make the various components of this salad on Monday or Tuesday, and serve it up on Wednesday for a quick dinner. If there’s still Monday night’s slow cooked lamb leftovers, I’ll throw some of the meat in. And I’ve been gifted a beautiful pomegranate which will make the whole salad sing when I scatter it over the top.

Moroccan Chickpea Salad
Moroccan style chickpea salad with couscous is a riot of color, texture and flavor. It's easily in my top 5 salad recipes of all time.
Check out this recipe
bowl of Moroccan chickpea salad

Because I was unwell late last week, there isn’t much around by way of baked treats this week. The kids lunchboxes are going to need perking up and a batch of lamington muffins will not go astray here!

Raspberry Lamington Muffins (Steam Oven Method)
Lamington muffins are simple to bake and beloved by my kids, who think the chocolate glaze on top makes them the height of indulgence.
Check out this recipe
a batch of raspberry Lamington muffins in silver cases


We all know I love a sheet pan dinner, and this simple Greek chicken one is punchy and colorful, healthy and heavy on the veg.

Greek Sheet Pan Chicken
A bright and colorful sheet pan dinner packed with protein from the chicken, and dressed up with garlicky yogurt after cooking.
Check out this recipe
a sous vide cooked steak, cooked medium rare and sliced in half so the interior doneness is visible.


There’s every possibility the kids will want Friday night pizza, and with my husband at work I’ll get to fly solo for dinner. In which case it’ll be this dead easy roasted broccoli, served with plenty of lemon, our friend Brad’s fermented chili sauce and possibly a slab of Turkish bread if I can be bothered buying any.

Lemon Roasted Broccoli
Lemon roasted broccoli can be served alongside just about any meal, but I love it best when it IS the meal. A bowlful of this with spicy chili and some yogurt is an easy and delicious dinner for one.
Check out this recipe
Lemon roasted broccoli cooked in a steam oven on a pita bread with a halved lemon, white dressing and red chilli sauce


We’ve long since eaten all of last week’s chocolate chip cookies, but none of us can get enough of chocolate-studded baked goods. I’ve got a veritable mountain of overripe bananas taking up space in the freezer, so I foresee a couple of loaves of chocolate banana bread. One will stay with us and the other will be gifted to a friend doing things tough.

Steam Oven Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread
You could leave the chocolate chunks out of this recipe and just make regular (fabulous) banana bread. But why would you do that? 😉
Check out this recipe
chocolate chunk steam oven banana bread

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