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Recipe development

Does your brand need fresh, approachable recipes which speak to your customers and build loyalty?

I’ve written content and recipes for some of the world’s most recognisable brands, and I’d love to do it for yours too. A 20 year commercial background developing fresh, on-trend recipes for food, drink and appliance businesses means your brand receives experience, professionalism and excellent food content, wherever you’re located. If you’d like to obtain rates or discuss working together, please email emily[at]steamandbake[dot]com.

Advertising and media enquiries

In my day job I’m a specialist food copywriter, which means I write all sorts of content for all sorts of businesses, from SEO website copy to books and ebooks, brochures, product packaging, feature articles and blog posts. You can find out more about that at www.emily-rhodes.com

Food writing

Sponsorship/advertising and media enquiries are welcome. Please email emily[at]steamandbake[dot]com if you’d like to see a media kit.

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Questions and comments

Steam & Bake’s Facebook page is a great place to ask questions or start a discussion.

If you enjoy this site, please show your support by liking the Facebook page and interacting with posts. Your interaction makes it useful and interesting for everyone (and gives me ideas for new posts to keep things fresh!).

If you’re new to the whole steam oven thing and have lots of questions, join the Combi Steam Cooking with Steam and Bake Facebook Group. The group is absolutely the easiest and quickest way to get regular access to me, along with lots of other wonderful steam oven users who are happy to share their information about different oven brands. You’ll need to be an email subscriber before I approve your request to join (don’t worry, I’m not in the habit of sending lots of unnecessary emails). I love instagram so you’ll often see me posting quick pics of #whatsinthesteamoven at our house. When I don’t have time to write up full blog posts it’s the best place to see what I’ve been cooking!

If you want to contact me directly, email here.