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The Steam Oven Meal Plan for real people #16

Or, what to cook in your combi steam oven, July 3-9, 2023

Welcome to this week’s Steam Oven Meal Plan!

Are you new to steam oven meal planning? Head over to my first Steam Oven Meal Plan for notes about how I do my planning and cooking, or just dive in and add this week’s recipes and ingredients to your shopping list.

You can find all my previous weekly meal plans over on the meal planning index page.

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A steam oven meal plan that works for school vacation days

My kids are off school for the next two weeks, so I’m doing the juggle of mothering, working and trying to make sure everyone also has a little extra fun. That means mealtimes too!

I hope this week’s meal plan will give you plenty of your own steam oven cooking ideas. Follow my lead and serve the same meals, or pick the ones which appeal most to make your own weekly meal plan.

Happy cooking, see you here again soon.


Today I’m doing steam oven chili con carne, but with a twist. I found some beef short ribs on sale so I’ll throw those into the pot instead of chuck or shin beef. I’m thinking I’ll serve up the full ribs rather than shredding everything, just for something interesting. Rice on the side and some leafy greens for balance (for me, no one else here is keen on my balance when it involves greens!).

I’ve promised my biggest kid that we’ll bake some bread together, and no school means we have time during the week. He’s into the idea of making a challah loaf after seeing it in one of my cookbooks. We’ll probably do the book version but it’s an old book that’s out of print, so I can’t find it to share with you here. The Kitchn has a good straightforward challah recipe if you’d like to play along with us.

Cheat’s Chili Con Carne
Throw it in and let it cook! This is the easiest chili and also the most delicious. Let the oven do the work while you enjoy the aroma of delicious warm spices filling the house.
Check out this recipe
shredded meat and beans garnished with sour cream and other toppings in a blue bowl
How To Make Challah Bread
An enriched, glossy bread that originates with Ashkenazi Jews but is beloved the world over. This is more straightforward than you might think and it's so beautiful to look at and eat.
Check out this recipe


Haloumi bake! I’ve talked often about how much I love this dinner. The kids are not haloumi fans (strange children), so they’ll get the same veg but with a fried egg or two alongside.

Mediterranean Vegetable and Haloumi Bake
One pan, minimal prep and a short cooking time. Oh, and lots of salty cheese. There's nothing bad at all about this weeknight staple.
Check out this recipe
Mediterranean vegetables and halloumi baked on an oven tray

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I bought frozen cauliflower gnocchi on my last Costco adventure, and I haven’t given it a try yet. So I’m going to test out my favorite new one pan gnocchi with it. I’ll add some diced chicken thighs in case the gnocchi isn’t a hit, but fingers crossed everyone loves it and no-one notices my sneaky cauliflower addition.

Vegetarian Gnocchi Bake
Obviously if you add chicken, this gnocchi bake is no longer vegetarian! But it's still very very good, and very simple. I know many of you have been loving it too.
Check out this recipe
A white ceramic bowl sitting on a blue napkin. In the bowl is a serving of vegetarian baked gnocchi with extra spinach leaves and a gold fork sitting in the dish.


I promised twice baked potatoes to my family weeks ago, and I still haven’t gotten around to making them! They’re a little more time consuming than most of my weeknight meals, but school’s out and I don’t mind. Plus we’ll have lunch leftovers for a good two or three days, so I’ll save time on that.

Twice Baked Potatoes in a Steam Oven
Fluffy and cheesy and the epitome of comfort food. Twice baked potatoes are a nostalgia classic for good reason.
Check out this recipe
loaded potatoes on a plate with one partially eaten with the fork resting on the plate


No cooking tonight; it’s a proper fun Friday where we’re going to eat out!

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Caesar salad for Saturday dinner. I’m going to make poached salmon in my steam oven and use that as the protein part of the salad instead of my usual chicken. If you want to do the same, cook salmon fillets using the steam setting at 165F/75C until they’re done to your liking. Flake the fish over the top of the salad.

On Sunday we’ll eat easy freezer meals and leftovers, but I’m going to bake a raspberry and chocolate loaf. Kid help optional; it’ll dictate whether it’s a more rustic cake or a very pretty one. Haha.

Chicken Caesar Salad
A classic and delicious Caesar salad; use the chicken as written or try it with salmon for something different.
Check out this recipe
chicken caesar salad
Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Cake
A fast cake to mix up, and a fun recipe to make with kids. This is a great little loaf to have on hand for snacks, dessert and lunchboxes.
Check out this recipe

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  1. Lori Raphael

    I wanted to comment on sous vide chicken breasts. I made them, and my life has officially been improved. They are so easy, delicious, and ideal for meal planning for the week. I made them as directed in my Miele steam oven. Thank you, Emily.

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