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The Steam Oven Meal Plan for real people #6

Or, what to cook in your combi steam oven, April 17-23, 2023

Welcome to this week’s Steam Oven Meal Plan for real people!

New to this blog series? Check out the first Steam Oven Meal Plan for notes about how I do my meal planning and cooking, or just dive in and add this week’s ingredients to your shopping list.

I use my steam oven every day, but I also like to share other recipes I’m cooking, from all around the web. This is the closest you’ll get to being in my kitchen for daily life.

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A steam oven meal plan for the school holidays

It’s the middle weekend of a two-week term break as I write this, and my kids appear to have eaten EVERYTHING in the house. Although I’ve cooked every day, and baked a couple of times, and shopped (multiple times, sigh), there’s just nothing left. That’s growing boy-children for you.

Anyway, the above means this week is more-than-usually about meals which can be designed to include leftovers, and filling snacks.

Happy cooking, see you here again soon.


Muffins are first up this week. I need to fill those hungry bellies at a moment’s notice, and these can be frozen after baking, ready to thaw on the counter for morning tea in the coming days. They can also be defrosted quickly in the microwave for hunger emergencies.

Apple Oatmeal Muffins
Leftover oatmeal shines in these gently fruity, completely delicious and relatively healthy muffins. Perfect for a snack on the go.
Check out this recipe
oatmeal muffins with apple

I’ve got a serving of Asian style braised beef ribs in the freezer for dinner. They’ll be thawed using my steam oven’s defrost setting and reheated after that. Usually I serve them with steamed rice and greens, but we’ve got fresh egg noodles in the fridge so I’ll use those.

Asian Style Sticky Beef Ribs
An enduring favorite of many of you, and with us too! If you've never tried this incredibly easy braised beef, take the opportunity to do so this week.
Check out this recipe
Sticky Asian Beef Ribs on a wooden plate on a bed of rice, garnished with radish and herbs


I spied Yossy Arefi’s one-pan chicken with honey and miso in the New York Times newsletter a couple of days ago, and it jumped straight onto my meal plan. Arefi has written the recipe for broiling, but it’ll adapt very simply for steam ovens. I’ll make it exactly as written, but preheat my oven to 400F/200C, combi steam setting (40% steam if you have variable humidity) for cooking. Start the chicken off for 12 minutes, then add the asparagus (broccolini in my case, as asparagus season is gone here) and cook for a further 8-10 minutes. Double the recipe like I will be, if you want leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Yossy Arefi’s Sheet Pan Miso Honey Chicken
Sticky and sweet and savory and tender. This sheet pan chicken is exactly the kind of weeknight food I always want to make and eat.
Check out this recipe

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It’s highly likely Monday’s oatmeal muffins will already be gone, so we’ll do a one-bowl cake that my toddler can help with if he wants. The kids will eat almost any cake with raspberries baked in; this one, also studded with chocolate, is no exception.

Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Cake
A lovely and unpretentious cake that is exactly as described. It comes together fast and everyone here loves it.
Check out this recipe

It’s my eldest kid’s birthday and he’s requested takeout burgers, so that’s dinner tonight.


Tonight’s dinner is an abomination of Tex-Mex and Italian, and I am not sorry. I’ve got steam oven chili in the freezer, and dried pasta in the pantry. I know I could (and often do) make tacos or burritos with the chili, but my kids (all kids?!) LOVE pasta. So, mexipasta. It’s a thing.

Cheat’s Chili Con Carne
A glorious, hands-off chili con carne made in your steam oven. Make a large batch and freeze leftovers for another meal. You'll be happy to come back to it.
Check out this recipe
shredded meat and beans garnished with sour cream and other toppings in a blue bowl


I’ve got some recipe testing to do for my upcoming cookbook, so I’m going to do a sheet pan shrimp (again, because I have not been able to nail it despite three earlier attempts!). Given I’m not sure who’ll eat the shrimp, I’ve also go plans for twice baked potatoes. If they don’t get eaten, no problem, they’ll keep for the weekend.

Twice Baked Potatoes
Comforting and nourishing, with little pockets of salty bacon, sweet corn and melted cheese on top. There's nothing bad about a twice baked potato.
Check out this recipe
loaded potatoes on a plate with one partially eaten with the fork resting on the plate

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There’s lots going on over the weekend, so I’m putting together Moroccan chickpea and couscous salad, which will be there to grab for whoever’s home, whenever they’re hungry.

I also need to bake for company, and I haven’t made a fruit crumble for ages. The weather has turned suddenly cooler here, so it’s perfect to make while there’s still a little stone fruit around but the heat of summer is gone.

Moroccan Chickpea Salad
I love this filling and flavor-packed salad. It keeps well for a few days so it's great for busy weekends when you won't have everyone at the table at the same time.
Check out this recipe
bowl of Moroccan chickpea salad
Healthy Fruit Crumble
Crispy crunchy oat topping with bubbling cooked fruit underneath. Serve unadorned or add cream or ice cream for a more indulgent treat.
Check out this recipe
a white baking dish with a decorative serving spoon, with a berry coloured fruit crumble on a mint green tea towel

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  1. Emily Rhodes

    Ah, yes, I forgot they don’t show everything for free over on NYT! I am a paid subscriber, but I seem to recall that they give you a certain number of free articles per month – not sure if this is the case any more but it would be worth looking at. I can’t share the exact recipe due to copyright laws (and ethics re fellow recipe creators!), but I often find that Googling the writer’s name and the recipe ingredients may net you a version of the recipe elsewhere. Failing that, ‘miso honey chicken marinade’ in a search will get you to something approaching Arefi’s ingredient list. Pop it onto 4-6 large chicken thighs and marinate in the fridge for a half hour, then cook per my adaptation above. I hope that helps.

  2. I’m interested in your adaptation of the NYT recipe, but I don’t subscribe and it keeps bouncing me out, demanding that I subscribe in order to see the recipe? Any help?

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