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The Steam Oven Meal Plan for real people #12

Or, what to cook in your combi steam oven, June 5-11, 2023

Welcome to my Steam Oven Meal Plan for this week!

New to this blog series? Check out the first Steam Oven Meal Plan for notes about how I do my meal planning and cooking, or just dive in and add this week’s ingredients to your shopping list.

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A somewhat balanced steam oven meal plan

This week I’m striving for a good balance of meat and non-meat dinners; fast dishes and slower or pre-prepared ones. There’s beef and pork and lamb and chicken, plus eggplants and pears and citrus fruit. All of it together is making me feel pretty good about the week ahead.

In the interests of further balance, and because my husband is working a lot of hours this week, I’m attempting to prep more ahead of time. I’ll portion, trim and freeze my meat, pre-chop some vegetables and make and freeze hummus. And if I’m really organized, I’ll make and freeze the meatballs for next weekend’s soup to speed that up too.

Happy cooking, see you here again soon.


It’s a long weekend here, so the kids are home, hungry and bored. They’ve decided to juice the huge abundance of lemons and oranges we’ve got to make a lemonade stand, and I’m going to contribute as well. I’m baking a lemon cream cheese pound cake with extra orange and mandarin zest, and some melting moments cookies with citrus filling.

Dinner is amazing slow cooked beef cheek tacos; I couldn’t find beef cheeks so I’m doing them this time with chuck steak. They’ll be every bit as good, if not quite as sticky and collagen-rich.

Cream Cheese Pound Cake
You can twist the flavor profile of this cake any way you like, from citrus to vanilla to a marbled chocolate cake or one with berries baked into it. The end result is still a deeply flavored, hefty and tender cake that everyone loves.
Check out this recipe
Beef Cheek Tacos
I know beef cheeks seem weird to some, but don't knock them til you try them! And if, like me, you can't find beef cheeks at the butchers, go ahead and make the dish with chuck or shin beef instead.
Check out this recipe


Pretty indulgent for a Tuesday, but my littlest kiddo continually asks to have sausages for dinner, and the biggest would eat bacon every day if I let him. Bacon wrapped sausages are the dream for them! I’ll be filling out our plates with loads of steamed vegetables to make things a little more balanced.

Bacon Wrapped Sausages
Salty and meaty and a little treaty, bacon wrapped sausages are a carnivore's delight. Although this recipe was written as a festive season side dish, we've had it for dinner 'out of season' more than once, and no one is sorry.
Check out this recipe
bacon wrapped sausages


I feel like many of you will groan at the idea of making bagels, from scratch, for a midweek meal. But hear me out: you can have these on the table, warm and fresh, in an hour. And if you have willing (or even unwilling) hands to help, you’ll knock them out even faster.

I’ll be serving these with a little spread of different things. Smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers for my husband, cheese slices and salad for the kids, and a fried egg and hummus with chili sauce for me.

New York Style Bagels
Hands down the fastest, easiest and best bagels you'll ever make, and they're good enough to rival a New York bakery.
Check out this recipe
A white bowl with bagels, each topped with sesame seeds or poppy seeds or flaky salt, arranged in a pile.
Creamy Hummus
Use canned chickpeas or steam-cook your own from dried, either way this is a gorgeously creamy and well balanced hummus to spread onto everything.
Check out this recipe
a white bowl with swirled hummus, parsley and paprika on top

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I love eggplant, and combi steam does amazing things to the texture of this vegetable, making it silky and soft and comforting. I’m making a big batch of stuffed eggplant and even if the kids hate it, hubby and I will happily munch through all the leftovers for lunch over the coming days. It reheats beautifully so I recommend you do the same.

Stuffed Eggplant with Lentils, Lamb and Middle Eastern Spices
You can omit the lamb from this recipe if you'd prefer a vegetarian version, or go all in and make it as written for a rich and super comforting meal.
Check out this recipe
A halved eggplant stuffed with a savoury mixture and mint leaves on a patterned plate


Maple, lime and ginger chicken for dinner with friends; the kids love it as much as the adults so it’s a great Friday night winner.

And even though this will be the third weekend running I’ve made it, the delight of a steam oven chocolate pudding may never wear off for my kids and their friends.

Maple, Lime and Ginger Chicken
This dish is packed with flavor but it's also kid-friendly enough even for little palates. Serve it with steamed rice and greens, or crusty bread to mop up the juices.
Check out this recipe
A close up picture of Maple Lime Ginger chicken tenderloins in a golden sauce
Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding
Rich and tender and velvety, but oh so simple. As my home ec teacher once said, this is a true back pocket dessert that you can pull out anytime to great accolades.
Check out this recipe
A rectangular, white enamel baking dish is filled with freshly baked steam oven chocolate pudding and garnished with thick cream and fresh raspberries. One serve has been scooped out of the dish and is in a round white bowl alongside.

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I’m planning meatball soup for dinner on Saturday. It’s close enough to pasta with meatballs that I think the kids might not notice I’m trying to feed them soup. Ha.

Meatball Soup
A flexible, hearty and fun soup full of chunky meatballs and pasta. I sometimes scatter shredded cheese on top and broil just before serving, to make it more enticing to small people. But big people love that too.
Check out this recipe

Sunday will be a roasted pear and walnut salad (to deal with my accidental over-zealous-purchase of pears at Costco last week). I’m pairing it with my easy garlic bread twist for heft and to turn it into something the kids want to eat.

Honey Roasted Pear and Walnut Salad
Steam oven roasted pears go into this bistro classic salad; I'll happily eat it by itself for dinner, but a loaf of fresh bread alongside won't hurt either.
Check out this recipe
steam oven roasted pear and walnut salad
Parmesan Garlic Bread Twist
Looks fancy, is actually not hard to make. And you will be LOVED when you put it on the table. Just don't expect it to last more than a few minutes out of the oven!
Check out this recipe
parmesan garlic bread

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