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A bowl with seasoned rice topped with a fried egg, cucumber moons, pickled carrot and scallions

The Steam Oven Meal Plan for real people #20

What to cook in your combi steam oven, August 21-27, 2023

Welcome to this week’s Steam Oven Meal Plan!

New to steam oven meal planning? Take a look at my first Steam Oven Meal Plan for notes about how I meal plan, or just dive in and add the ingredients for this week’s recipes to your shopping list.

You can find all my previous steam oven meal plans over on the meal planning index page.

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A good all-rounder steam oven meal plan

A while back, my 7-year-old wanted to help me create the week’s meal plan, and it went really well! This week I thought I’d offer up selection rights to my 10-year-old. He was a little less enthusiastic than his younger sibling, but did grudgingly pick out a handful of dishes he’d like us to have. This kid is actually the best eater of my three, and I’m pretty happy with his selection. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it too!

Happy cooking, see you here again soon.


We often have a slow cooked lamb shoulder and serve it up with flatbreads, salad and a couple of dips or spreads for everyone to build their own dinner. Tonight will run along similar lines, but with a pork shoulder cut instead. You can directly swap out the lamb for pork in this recipe with just-as-magical results.

Slow Cooked Lamb (or Pork!) Shoulder
An easy slow cooker joint of meat done in the steam oven, this can form the basis of so many meals! Serve the meat simply with salad or roasted veg, or add it to soups, enchiladas, tacos or a pasta dish.
Check out this recipe
slow cooked lamb on platter


Rice. Our meal-picker for this week would eat it for every single meal, so I’m not surprised to see my seasoned Chinese steamed rice on the list. I’ll do quick pickled veg for the adults but the kids will eat theirs with unpickled salad veg.

Seasoned Chinese Steamed Rice
Although it's technically optional here, I don't think I could ever have this salty, savory rice meal without a lacy-edged fried egg on top.
Check out this recipe
A zoomed in picture of seasoned rice topped with a seasoned fried egg, cucumber moons, pickled carrot and scallions


This steam oven fish with almond crumbs is affectionately referred to as ‘crunchy fish’, and that’s exactly what it is. I’ll be prepping the crumbs and sweet potato chips in the morning, ready for a super fast dinner come evening time.

Lemon and Almond Crumbed Fish with Sweet Potato Chips
Perfectly cooked fish, crispy crunchy crumbs and golden sweet potato chips. There's a lot to love about this speedy and delicious dinner.
Check out this recipe


If you’re unfamiliar with RecipeTin Eats and the wonderful Nagi, let tonight’s beef bowls dinner be your introduction. It’s not a steam oven dish (though you will want to use your steam oven to cook some rice), rather a speedy stove top wok or pan thing. It’s tasty, inexpensive and healthy, and suits hungry bellies of all ages!

Asian Beef Bowls from RecipeTin Eats
Salty-sweet and savory ground beef and rice bowls that are whipped up quick smart and taste like a million bucks; this has become a mainstay dinner here.
Check out this recipe


Salami and cheese and fresh, soft bread isn’t really what I’d call an entire dinner. But this is Friday night and I did let the 10-year-old choose the meals! He says stromboli is a perfect dinner to celebrate the beginning of the weekend, and although I’ll add some salad to my own plate, I tend to agree that it’s a pretty great choice.

Easy Homemade Stromboli
I think of stromboli as a kind of inside-out pizza dish, with the sauce made optional. However you imagine it, it's an oozy, cheesy and bready delight that's easier to make than you think.
Check out this recipe
Two thick slices of meat and cheese filled stromboli on a board with a ramekin of sauce


We’ve had beef bowls, and I know meatball bowls are kind of similar. But they’re also not at all, especially if you take your meatball bowls down the salad-y, Middle-Eastern inspired route that these head towards. So it’s totally fine to have them for Saturday night’s dinner (and probably also Sunday lunch!).

We haven’t had a chocolate cake in ages, so I’ve promised to bake one for the weekend ‘just because’. I think you should too.

For Sunday I’ve pulled rank on the kids and I’m planning stuffed eggplant, which they’ll hate but that’s what leftovers or cheese on toast is for!

Meatball Bowls with Chickpeas
I sometimes make these with my homemade creamy hummus, but this week will be all about store bought because that's fine too. Add a mix of crunchy and soft and pickled veg, chickpeas or a fried egg for extra protein and you've got yourself a very happy assemblage of things.
Check out this recipe
meatball bowls with chickpeas
Simple Steam Oven Chocolate Cake
My easiest, most reliable chocolate cake recipe ever. If you haven't tried this yet, what are you waiting for?!
Check out this recipe
a wedge of frosted chocolate layer cake on a white plate in front of a cake stand with the rest of the cake
Stuffed Eggplant with Lentils, Lamb and Middle Eastern Spices
I love this with the sweetness of a little lamb in the filling, but it's also a gorgeous vegetarian meal if you omit the meat altogether.
Check out this recipe
A halved eggplant stuffed with a savoury mixture and mint leaves on a patterned plate

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