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 Combi Steam Oven Broccoli and Bacon Quiche

The Steam and Bake combi steam recipe videos now have their own index page! Plus, a new recipe video for a crowd-pleasing Combi Steam Broccoli and Bacon Quiche.

Hello! I haven’t been here as much as I’d like of late, but I’m still creating, testing and writing lots of great new steam oven recipes, don’t worry. Just stopping by to give a quick ‘housekeeping’ update and a new recipe video today, so you don’t all think I’ve given up on you. 😉

The Steam & Bake Steam Oven Recipe Video Index

Yep, it’s a bit of a mouthful but we all like to eat, right?!

I’ve been meaning to do it for ages but I finally got around to creating a dedicated index page for the simple steam oven cooking videos I’ve been making.

To celebrate my administrative success in putting the index up, I’ve made you another steam oven recipe video for Broccoli and Bacon Quiche with filo pastry crust. It’s a great crowd pleaser of a dish and my kids even ate the broccoli without blinking. Didn’t think you could put filo pastry in a combi steam oven? Prepare to be happily surprised!

The new video is below, and the full index can be found here. I’ll add new recipe videos as they go up and I have some plans in the works to make longer and better quality videos soon, so it’ll be an area of the site which should grow a lot over the coming months.

Combi Steam Broccoli and Bacon Quiche with Filo Pastry Crust (video recipe)

What I’m cooking in my combi steam oven

A lot of the cooking I’m doing for now is to finalise the steam oven cookbook recipe selections, so it’ll be a little while before you see the results. But oh, I am so excited about the book! It’s taking what feels like forever to get off the ground yet the further along I go with it, the more I realise the time taken will pay off with a better quality, bigger (more recipes and more tips) book. Patience is not a strength I usually have so it’s a learning curve.

Some things I’ve made over the past couple of weeks:

·         Amazing soft, slow cooked lamb which will definitely make it into the cookbook.

·         An autumnal combi steam maple, soy and ginger pork fillet with roasted pears (recipe on the way for all of you next week).

·         Vanilla birthday cake with chocolate icing, green icing and dinosaurs. Because that’s what my four year old requested for his big day, and he loved it.

·         Profiteroles in my combi steam oven (and also in another, far more expensive combi steam oven!). The first batch were a disaster despite my high hopes, but the second fared much better. I’ll let you know when I get them right.

·         Puff pastry cases filled with sour cream chocolate ganache and home-made berry jam.

·         Swede and potato pasties from the River Cottage Veg book. I thought my kids would love them but of course, as with so many things kid-related, I was very wrong. The grown-ups thought they were pretty good though.

And that’s it for today, people. I hope you enjoy the new video, happy steam oven cooking and I’ll see you here again soon.

Over to you – if you try today’s recipe I’d love to know about it! Please share your pictures with me on Facebook or tag them #whatsinthesteamoven on Instagram.

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And if you’re after more delicious combi steam dinner recipes, the Easy Meals index page has plenty. Try the Loaded Sweet Potatoes; Sticky Sesame Chicken or, if you still feel like more broccoli after the quiche, the Lemon Roasted Broccoli.

2 thoughts on “Combi Steam Oven Recipe Videos”

  1. Emily Rhodes

    Hi Sue.
    For the convection setting on your oven you should use the temperature given (in the case of this quiche, 180C/348F).
    I’m not very familiar with how the Wolf ovens work however my home steam oven also does not have a variable steam/humidity selector, which means I just set it to ‘combination steam’ and the correct oven temperature. In general, the higher my convection temp, the less steam will be in the cavity, so I actually don’t need to worry about the variable steam anyway (I just add it to my recipes for those who have the option).
    Does that make sense? If you have any questions about it you can jump over the the Facebook page and post your query. 🙂

  2. Hi Emily, My oven is the Wolfe Convection-Steam Oven. To make this I believe I have to program the amount of time for steam and convection. I would need to know the temp for the convection part, also. The steam is always full on, also, during its phase (ie no 30%). Are you able to tell me the timings? I do hope I can make this in my oven! Sue

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