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Volume 22: Stale Bread (+Spanish Sheet Pan Chicken)

Hello, and welcome to my ode to stale bread!

Unless you follow an extremely low carb diet, almost all of us occasionally (or frequently) end up with stale bread in our kitchens. Luckily for us, we have steam ovens to help with that.

As well as using your steam oven to freshen up a loaf or a roll, there’s actually a lot you can do with a bit of old bread so it doesn’t end up in the bin.

Enjoy the info, and definitely add today’s recipe (Spanish chicken with crispy bread, chorizo, tomatoes, olives and potatoes) to your meal planning this week or next. Every time I create a sheet pan dinner recipe it gets great feedback; I hope this will be no exception. It’s garlicky and well-seasoned, and full of texture and color. I can never get enough of the ease of one pan meals that take little time to prep and come out of the steam oven in roughly half an hour.