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Volume 21: Marvellous Mushrooms (+Hummus Roasted Mushrooms)

Although mushrooms contain a lot of water already, added steam when cooking helps give them a silky soft texture when cooked. They retain their shape while still softening into submission, rather than drying out as they sometimes can in a pan.

Instead of a long-form informational article, as I often give you here, today I’m sharing not one, but three original mushroom recipes. My aim is to show off mushrooms’ versatility and deliciousness when cooked with steam. I really enjoyed working on these dishes, and I hope you enjoy cooking them!

The first recipe is a gorgeous hummus-stuffed mushroom delight that I’ve added to the Insiders recipe index. Then there’s a risotto with an unusual ingredient, and a gorgeous mushroom salad. You’ll find both of those in the Season Flip section below.