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A light blue kitchen tile with open shelving and jars of produce on the shelves. Next to the shelves is a framed steam oven conversions chart hung on the wall.

Steam Oven Conversions Chart

If you want a handy quick-reference guide to put on your fridge, this is it!

The Steam Oven Conversions Chart is a two-page printable with many common foods included. Each food shows the traditional method I would have cooked it by, along with the steam oven settings I’ve worked out to adapt it for combi steam cooking.

An ipad showing a steam oven conversions chart, with two printed charts next to it, leaning against a white kitchen countertop

This little document looks simple, but it’s the condensed results of a decade of playing with many, many steam ovens and countless recipes. It’s the ‘cheat sheet’ I wish I’d had when I began using a steam oven!

This chart is also sold as a standalone digital product on the Steam & Bake website, but as Insiders you get it included in your membership.

Download the chart right here (opens in pdf format from Google Drive). I recommend printing the first two pages as a double-sided document on A4 or letter-sized paper. Laminate if you wish for kitchen longevity!

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