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Leftovers and Reheating with a Steam Oven (includes printable chart!)

I will never stop being amazed by how fabulous reheating with a steam oven is. For all the fancy things we can do with our ovens, it really is the difference in your everyday meals that makes owning one worthwhile, and that difference is never more noticeable than with reheating. 

Where a microwave oven might be the standard for the job, it certainly doesn’t give you amazing food quality. Heating isn’t even, hot spots in your food mean the texture can be off and things generally aren’t at their best after being ‘nuked’.

But you’re here for a better way, yes? And I’m going to give it to you, without a bunch of extra words but with the assurance that you’ll never be sad about eating substandard leftovers again.

This article was first featured in the Steam Oven Insiders newsletter, Volume 13. Read the newsletter in full here.

I always double this Greek sheet pan chicken dish and save the extras for another meal. It reheats like freshly cooked!

Print the chart below (or download it to your phone), and if you aren’t already doing so, start using your steam oven to reheat all. the. things. 

The chart covers what I consider the basics that most of us will want to reheat. If there’s anything I’ve missed, drop a comment or send me an email and I’ll try to help out!

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