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For those of you who value more steam oven resources, learning and support, and the chance to direct the sort of content I create, I recently created a Steam & Bake Patreon Membership page. Becoming a member gives you access to exclusive content I don’t share anywhere else, from extra steam oven recipes and tips to videos, live digital Q&A sessions and ‘on tap’ email support.

If you’ve heard of Patreon before and you already know what it’s about, feel free to go straight to my Patreon page to see what’s on offer. Or read on below, where I’ll address some of the common questions you might have about Patreon and about this whole membership thing.

I’ve never heard of Patreon, what is it?

Let’s start off simply: Patreon is an online platform which allows creators (that’s me) to create and share extra content with their patrons (that’s you), under a model where patrons support their chosen creators via a small monthly fee.

There are a couple of really special things about Patreon which have made me choose it over other membership models.

The first is that patrons can opt into various levels or tiers of membership, choosing what suits them best and having the option to upgrade, downgrade or opt out anytime on a monthly basis with no lock-in contracts. The other great thing about Patreon is that the membership benefits can be anything the creator chooses to offer, from written articles to videos, live chats or even physical products. It’s flexible enough to allow for changes and different membership benefits in future, based on what you lovely people might request.

How much does it cost to become a Steam and Bake Patron?

I’ve set membership levels at three affordable monthly tiers, starting with something akin to the cost of a nice food magazine. Each tier, or level, offers different benefits. The best way to see what you’ll get when you join is to head over and read through the different options.

How and when will I get charged?

All Patreon patron/membership charges are processed on or around the first of the month. This means if you sign up early in April, for instance, you won’t be charged anything until the beginning of May. Thereafter, charges will be processed each month unless you change or cancel your patronage.

Payments on Patreon are in US dollars. This is not something I’ve got control over, unfortunately – USD is the only currency option the platform offers at this time.

All payments and processing are handled by Patreon directly through their secure platform. You can read more about how Patreon handles billing on their website.

When do you send out membership benefits?

Exclusive content emails go out during the first week of each month, and live Q&A sessions happen sometime in the second week of each month. All active patrons receive updates and details of their benefits in separate email communications.

What happens if I don’t want to become a Steam and Bake Patreon member?

This membership is not about restricting access to any existing content, it’s simply a way to provide additional support and recipes to those of you who see the value in it.

Obviously I’d love to provide as many of you as possible with this extra content, as I know it’s valuable and will help you feel confident using your steam oven. But if you aren’t in a position to sign up right now, you’ll continue to have exactly the same access to the Steam and Bake website and my regular blog posts and recipes.

You can head over to the Steam and Bake Patreon page right now to check it out.

I love being able to chat with and support my members, and can’t wait to create and develop more relevant, useful content to help you use your steam oven with confidence every single day.


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