with White Chocolate, Ginger, Apricots and Macadamias

Prepare the ingredients for making your White Chocolate Panforte (panforte is also called Siena Cake).

Mix chocolate and honey in a pan over low heat.

Stir regularly until the chocolate melts, and the mixture becomes smooth.

In a bowl, combine the flour and spices for your white chocolate panforte, whisking to blend.

Add the fruits and nuts to your white chocolate panforte di Siena, then stir to evenly coat them with flour.

Add chocolate and honey mixture to the bowl. The Siena cake mixture will be very stiff and difficult to mix, that's normal.

Spread the white chocolate panforte cake mixture evenly in a pan, pressing to even out.

Bake until golden but soft. After cooling, wrap your white chocolate panforte di Siena and store up to 3 months. It gets better with age!