Sous vide creme caramel is a creamy custard dessert that's simple to make and can be done ahead of time for easy serving at your next dinner party.

Prepare all your ingredients for making the sous vide creme caramel. Lots of eggs, lots of cream, vanilla, and a little sugar!


Heat sugar over medium heat  to melt. 

Caramel Making

As the sugar begins to melt and becomes a light brown hue, gently swirl the pan.

Swirl The Pan

Take the pan off the stove when the caramel reaches a deep golden amber color. This happens very fast, so keep an eye on it!

Deep Golden Color

When your caramel achieves the desired color, quickly pour it into jars and give them a swirl. The sauce for your sous vide creme caramel is done. 

Pour and Swirl

Warm up milk, cream, and vanilla to infuse the sous vide creme caramel custard with flavor.

Custard Base

Whisk together sugar, eggs, and egg yolks with the cream mixture to create the creme caramel custard base.

Eggs and Sugar

Pour custard into the caramel-coated jars. Cook sous vide creme caramels in a water bath or steam oven, then chill overnight before turning out to serve.