Vietnamese Steamed Fish Recipe

Prepare your ingredients for making  this simple Vietnamese steamed fish recipe. It's fast and much easier than you think!


Prepare the fish by cleaning and gutting it (or ask assistance from your fishmonger). Don't be put off by a whole fish, it's not hard to cook and it's so delicious!


Rub bean paste over both sides of the fish and scatter with mushrooms.


Add ginger and scallions around and on top of the fish. Then place the Vietnamese steamed fish pan into a steamer or steam oven.


Cook the Vietnamese steamed fish until the flesh is thoroughly cooked. See the recipe for tips on how to easily check for doneness!


When fish is cooked, put the aromatics to the side. Use a butter knife and spoon, and start filleting the fish by removing the dorsal fins and bones.


Make a cut through the center of the fish, then another right next to the tail.


Cut right along the middle of the fish, making two fillets. Gently lift the top piece, then follow with the belly part.

Create two fillets

Lift the top fillets back onto the lower ones to 'reassemble' the Vietnamese steamed fish. Arrange the mushroom and ginger mixture around the fish. 

Assemble for serving

Scatter your Vietnamese steamed fish with cilantro leaves. Serve immediately.