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Wondering where to learn about combi steam ovens?

Many people don’t realise how little user information is out there until they’ve bought and installed their steam oven. It’s really frustrating to have a fantastic new appliance but not much idea what to do with it!

Whether you haven’t made a purchase yet, or you’ve owned one for years, I hope this website will help you build confidence and learn to love your combi steam oven as much as I love mine.

In addition to the freely available content you’ll find here at Steam & Bake, I run a Patreon membership page for cooks who want more exclusive content such as personalized support, recipes and bonuses. Whether you’re feeling completely overwhelmed by your steam oven, or just want more inspiration and ideas to use it, there are multiple tiers of membership to suit everyone. Becoming a member, or Patron, is affordable and you can upgrade, downgrade or opt out of your monthly membership anytime.

Below are some links and general information about steam, combination steam and convection steam ovens.  So whether you’re interested in buying one, or you own a Miele, Neff, Gaggenau, Wolf, Thermador, V-Zug, ASKO, Bosch or any of the other numerous steam oven brands on the market, you’ll find help and great recipes here. 

If you’re thinking about buying a steam oven

For starters, if you want a good general overview of what a combi steam oven does and whether you should buy one, read this Steam Oven 101 post and the Should I buy a steam oven post. 

If you’re sold on the idea but not sure what to look for when you’re shopping, have a look at this post on what type of steam oven to buy.

There’s also a steam oven buyers guide here if you haven’t taken the plunge just yet, and some of my thoughts were shared in an article on how to choose a combi steam oven over at Houzz recently. 

Wondering what on earth you can cook in a steam oven? Have a look at my popular posts on types of foods to cook in a steam or combi steam oven. Part 1 is here and Part 2 here.

If you’re looking for the Steam and Bake recipe index, it can be found here.

What about steam oven cookbooks?

I’m thrilled to say I have one published steam oven cookbook, and a couple more in production right now. Join the Steam and Bake mailing list if you’d like to be kept up to date on all my cookbook releases. 

Production of generic books and websites on steam ovens (rather than brand-specific instructional manuals) has been almost nonexistent. Times are changing though, so don’t worry. I believe the next few years will bring some really good resources for those of us lucky enough to have a combi steam oven at home.

As a comparison, think about how many books and resources there are for the Thermomix, say, or InstantPot. This is kind of the same thing – when Thermomix launched the only user information available was from the company itself, but now there are cookbooks, websites and blogs everywhere with adapted recipes (not to mention manufacturers everywhere with knock-off versions of the machine!). It’s the same with InstantPot. Eventually, if enough people buy a new appliance, publishers will jump on board with book offerings. It just takes a while.

Combi steam ovens have really become popular in US and Australian homes in the past 5 years, and perhaps in Europe a little earlier, so let’s hope mainstream online and traditional publishers have started to recognize that they’re here to stay in our kitchens for the long term. 

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